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“I have been seeing Kevin since the 1980’s.  We have built a relationship on trust and respect.  Kevin, through his therapeutic skills and intuitive gifts, has helped me to become more powerful and more self-aware.”                                   

-       Katharine (Toronto)


“Creativity is the driving force in my life.  It keeps me alive and in love and always driving forward.  At the times that I have felt stuck, I go to Damar, and almost immediately on entering the session, I can feel myself moving forward again.  Kevin has brought guidance to me through so many phases in my life over the past 25 years, all of which have accumulated in the most beautiful life I could have ever imagined.  Marriage, employment, childbirth, loss of loved ones, personal transformation, endless creative projects, all of these have been touched upon from perspectives that help on very deep levels.  In retrospect, the wisdom that has been whispered through to my life through Kevin, has kept me safe, on the best path, not always the easiest, but the best, and leaves me excited, for as beautiful as life is now, there is always work to be done to create even more beauty, and that work I always begin with Kevin and Damar.”

-       Cleve (Toronto)

“Kevin was my lighthouse when I was lost on the stormy sea of a cancer diagnosis, a bitter divorce and utter despair.  His kindness and his “Healing Light” helped me to come back into my life again.  His skill as a Medium provided me with messages of comfort and support from my mother. It was life-changing.”

-       Sylvia (Kitchener)

“Kevin’s loving presence and clear direction helped me to say, “No!,” to cycles of suicide and self-sabotage.  He brought my dad’s presence to me in ways I continue to feel and live.”                                               

-       Tina (Chatham)

“Kevin, your patience, guidance and encouragement have helped me, tremendously, over many years.  I deeply value your honesty, intuitive, thoughtful responses and your insights.  You have guided me with my life-long search for wholeness and healing.”

-       Margaret (Hamilton)

“Kevin helped me to realize how my partner’s shadow was sabotaging our relationship.  With his caring, loving direction, I learned to realize I am worthy and deserving.  He has helped me to navigate my way through the darkness of betrayal and addictions.  I learned to love myself and to love my life again.”

-       Diane (London)

“Through Kevin’s skilled guidance and insight, my husband and I learned how to really communicate, to truly see and hear each other, for the first time in our 20 years of marriage.”

-       Rose (Oakville)

“When my husband suddenly died, a part of me died as well.  Through Kevin’s loving insight, and through his deep connection to the deceased Beloveds, I learned to love life and to seek meaning and purpose again.”                                   

-       Deb (Ottawa)

“Kevin’s gift in seeing the symbolic and deeper meaning in your life events gives you solid footing to move through even the most challenging of life’s events.  It is also through Kevin’s wisdom that I have come to know my strengths and to know how to support and love myself through life.”

-       Fern (Toronto)

“You are my spiritual guide, my protector in life, my life coach. You’ve given me strength when I didn’t believe I had it, you gave me courage and hope when I thought I was defeated.  You’ve shown me the path of true love and light and how to walk the mystical path on practical feet.” 

-       Sylvia (Guelph)

“Kevin’s teachings on Intuition, Soul Language and The Seven Wonders have helped me to increase and cultivate my own intuition, which continues to grow, and on which I rely more and more.”                                               

-       Sandra (Hamilton)