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Are you stuck for a gift? – for that Beloved or Friend?
They may enjoy a clairvoyant reading; we are available in person or by telephone, (Skype)

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Experience Total Wellbeing

Wellbeing is not just about making sure that our bodies are healthy, but our minds are an integral part when it comes to achieving total personal wellbeing and happiness. Whether it involves overcoming the grief after losing a loved one, or learning how to overcome hurdles in everyday life, finding inner peace is both a major part of our lives and a major achievement. The Damar Institute welcomes you to experience the path to wellness with mystical and clairvoyant consultations.

Mystic, Master Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Psychotherapist to Ease Your Mind.

Kevin G. Smith of the Damar Institute is a psychic, mystic, master intuitive, clairvoyant and psychotherapist who has been practicing for 35 years. He provides private consultations and workshops designed to offer introspection as well as providing you with an understanding of the world and people around you. Whether it is relationship or personal counseling you seek, or even communicating with deceased beloveds, Kevin can help you ease your mind to find love and purpose in your everyday life.

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Little Bird,

Has winter’s grip left you with malaise of the spirit?

Ask Yourself:

Where is my Soul calling me?
Who do I love? Who loves me? Am I ready to be loved?

Am I reacting to my Life more emotionally than normal? Ask myself: What is really bothering me? Don’t just do something, Sit There!
My Soul Gifts will often come disguised as setbacks, obstacles and pitfalls.
Do not disconnect from what is My True Nature.
Karma is real. Thank God! Higher Power is always protecting My Highest Good. Know this!
Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude!

Just between us Pigeons:
Call us for a clairvoyant reading or some life-changing energy work or transpersonal therapy!
Dear One,

Do you need some Light in the darkness?
Are you feeling lost or anxious?
Are you seeking deeper meaning and purpose in Your Life?

May I be so bold as to offer you a Gift?

I Gift you with the Courage to Be.
To know deeply the Divine Design of Your Soul Blueprint.

I Gift you with the Passion for your Potential and Your Willingness to begin to bring this Potential into Your Life Now.

You are more than you think You are and deep within, You Know It!

By being wounded, you became vulnerable and available; by being lost you were found; by dying you learned the power of rebirth; and by forgetting, you gained the joy of Remembering your Soul.


Call us.
Come for a Clairvoyant Reading or a session of Transpersonal Therapy.

We offer life-changing energies.
Watch for the Signs and Synchronicities.