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Mind/Body Health & Wellbeing

We all want to feel good about ourselves. Whether it’s becoming a healthier person or overcoming a psychological trauma or issue, achieving wellbeing is important. The Damar Institute guides and sheds light on our lives, offering perspective and counseling as well as psychic readings to overcome obstacles.

About Kevin G. Smith

As a practicing Mystic, I have steady and ongoing clear direction and insight and present-time dialogues with our deceased Beloveds. This is also often accompanied by visionary or precognitive images. I have had mystical experiences since I was three years old.

My second level of expertise is in the Paranormal. I am a skilled clairvoyant, with skills of telepathy, linger effect and awareness, and questions and answers can be presented to the deceased Beloveds. My other paranormal skills, (often called the “seven wonders”), include: clairvoyance and medium-ship, energy transmission and transmutation, and non-local healing.

We also offer innovative and soulful use of guided imagery, self-hypnosis and intentional healing in our Transpersonal Therapy programmes.

When he was a student at the University of Guelph, in the 1970's, Kevin began to schedule clients for psychic readings.

He continued his education, pursuing post-graduate studies throughout North America, especially in the South-Western United States.

Kevin continued to give readings and became internationally recognized as a Clairvoyant and Mystic, appearing on many television and radio shows.

Many years were spent consulting on police cases, including the Atlanta missing and Murdered Children's case, on which he was consulted to investigate in 1980 by the Atlanta Police Dept. Chief Lee Brown.

During the period between 1984-1992, I directed a research group that participated in psychokinesis experiments done through the Mind Science Foundation, San Antonio, Texas, (Ref. – Dr. Helmut Schmidt).

In 1984, Damar purchased a used EEG machine and tracked the brain wave rhythms of hundreds of individuals with unique paranormal or mystical gifts.

Kevin became a psychotherapist, specializing in a practice of Mind?body Medicine in September 1985 and became a hypnotherapist in 1990.

These years involved compiling extensive interviews and EEG testing with gifted people of all ages and from all cultural backgrounds. Other research areas during that time-frame included: paranormal phenomena in century homes; telepathic target-testing and Ganzfeld testing.

My third level of expertise is my Intuitive Mastery, which has been developed to the state-of-the-art Intuition. Spikes during times of crisis or with Love.

I have also been a Mind/Body practitioner of complementary and alternative therapies in treating cancer and other life-threatening illness for over 30 years.

Our use of guided imagery, self-hypnosis, inner-child healing, and cellular-release therapy offers diversity with a healing effect. This work combines with sacred art work and indigenous and nature references.

My specialization in Mind/Body Medicine is Behavioural Oncology, (psycho-social and therapeutic oncology). I have worked within this specialization since Autumn, 1985.

We offer private programmes, (3- or 6-part), for those interested in using guided imagery, self-hypnosis and intentions, or to understand spontaneous remission in the treatment of cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. I have taught numerous workshops, retreats and seminars. My classes have been held at the University of Guelph, MacKinnon Building. My first teaching on chakras and the paranormal was held at the University Centre of the University of Guelph on August 28, 1979.

I did police investigation work from 1979-1985. This mainly included homicides and missing persons, and I worked on the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children Case in 1980. The paranormal gifts most commonly used in my police case work were: clairvoyance and energy linger effect, (held in objects, clothing or jewellery worn by the deceased.)

All of our readings, our consultations, contain key and skillful use of my intuitive mastery, my paranormal skills, including clairvoyance and medium-ship, and transmutation. Mystical Wisdom flows down to me from Higher Realms and our deceased Beloveds, as Visions and Blueprints.

In each consultation, I can work with the client’s energy fields and also with the linger effect of objects, or jewellery; and photographs of Beloveds are encouraged, but not essential.

Now, we are also available for telephone sessions and our work can be enjoyed and experienced in one’s own home with a recorded CD of one’s session, mailed the same day. E-transfer payments means no extra charges.

  • Kevin has taught Intuitive Development, and Chakra Integration, since August 28, 1979, and has developed his own intuitive skills to the state-of-the-art level.
  • Kevin trained and assessed hundreds of psychically-gifted people in the 1980's and was involved in psycho-kinesis experiments with the Mind-Science Foundation in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Kevin has also done extensive police work involving homicides and missing persons.
  • Kevin currently teaches seminars, retreats and workshops that are held at the University of Guelph.


Kevin's paranormal skills include all of the following:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Telepathy
  • Energy Transmission and Linger Effect, (using objects, jewellery, actual locations)
  • Pre-cognition, (seeing the future), and Retro-cognition, (seeing the past)
  • Non-Local Healing, (healing the mind and body of another person)
  • Medium-ship,(communication with your Deceased Beloveds)

Damar Institute also offers Transpersonal Therapy programmes in:

1) Grief Counselling - New Death Paradigm practices and education – treating grief in a new way.
2) Re-scripting your Core Beliefs and Core Drivers
3) Seven Wonders: Learning to control and cultivate your paranormal skills, precognition and retro-cognition, clairvoyance, medium-ship, linger effect, telepathy, and non-local healing.


Soul reading, assessment. 

Can include special focus upon Deceased Beloveds, and allow for specific questions or themes and translation of one's Soul Blueprint.

Personal Consultations & Workshops

Whether you would like a personal session, or learn amongst friends, the Damar Institute offers personal consultations as well as workshops. Life-altering, our sessions can give you insight on your own life and the world around you.

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